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Ray's Corvette Page

This site showcases Corvettes and includes everything from pictures, to news, to racing info, to instructions for new Corvette owners. Enjoy the site, and if you have any suggestions, go to my Contact page.

Picture Gallery
For pictures of my new Corvette and of old and new styles, click on the following link:

A new body design has been announced! Also, the National Corvette Association will be holding their semi-annual convention next month in Dallas. For more info, see the What's New page.

Racing Information
Corvette racing began in 1957. Pioneers of Corvette racing include Dr. Dick Thompson, who helped bring Corvettes into the racing spotlight. Soon after, Corvettes began winning SCCA Production National Championships, Daytona speed trials, and others. Corvette racers have set lap and track records in various races. See the About page for more about drivers.

For New Corvette Owners
Owners of new corvettes need to discuss with the dealer how to break the engine in so they don't cause damage or have future problems. This section of my site also discusses maintenance issues for new owners.

Discussion Board
This link allows you, as visitors to my site, to ask and answer questions about sales, maintenance, and technical details.